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December 9, 2009

गुरूजी का ज्ञान

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संता: गुरूजी, लम्बी उम्र के लिए क्या करूँ?

गुरूजी: बेटा, शादी कर लो.

संता: उससे क्या उम्र लम्बी होगी?

गुरूजी: नहीं, लम्बी लगने लगेगी!

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November 11, 2009


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A doctor goes to a marriage. He has no space to sit. A lawyer calls him and asks him to sit beside him. Now a person comes to the doctor and says, “I have stomach ache.”. The doctor gives him a medicine. Next comes a person with headache. And similarly some others.

Then the doctor says to the lawyer that all these people took medicine from me for free. The lawyer gives an idea by saying that send them invoices (or bills). He sends them and gets the money next day. The day after the doctor receives money from his clients, receives an invoice from the lawyer with an letter. The letter says, “I gave you solution to get your fees. Now for the idea, pay me my fees!!!”


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